Students enrolled in this class will survey the “major” aspects of the field by gaining specific knowledge in three of the degree offerings featured in the College of Architecture, including Architecture, Landscape Architecture & Urban Planning, and Construction Science. Through this week-long interdisciplinary experience, students will be introduced to the studio culture of drawing, sketching, and blueprinting to build their visionary skills in site design and construction. Gain unique insights into the hidden world of cities and their design. Learn about the process and principles that create a city including, buildings, streets, open spaces, history, and planning. Take a stroll through Central Park and see how urban planning principles have been applied to the urban jungle. Cement your knowledge in the foundations of construction science by touring diverse and distinct architectural structures. “Bridge” your knowledge of cantilevers and other support structures through traversing up, down, and around national monuments, landmarks, and iconic Architectural marvels, including the Brooklyn Bridge, the Flatiron Building, and St Patrick’s Cathedral. The immersive nature of the course will encourage individual thought while fostering initiative within a team dynamic. At the conclusion of the week, students will come away from the program with an understanding of basic design principles used by architects in all facets of city planning, design, and construction along with an appreciation of the sights and structures from this major metropolitan city.