Did you “Marvel” at the technology behind “Ant Man?”  Are you mystified by the magic of Harry Potter?  In this class, students will “think big” by working with materials and building structures that are 1/1000th the size of a human hair, which can perform remarkable feats, including the capture and magnetic recovery of crude oil!  Nanotechnology is a “growing” field making a “sizeable” impact on many different industries from energy to electronics.  This camp is a “nano” version of Minecraft where students will learn how to manipulate matter and build nanostructures atom by atom.  Participants will obtain hands-on experience with high-tech equipment and tools such as Atomic Force & Electron Microscopes, Electron Beams, and Focused Ion Beam Lithography.  Explore matter on the atomic scale and learn the chemical principles of molecular self-assembly.  Come explore the world as you have TRULY never seen it before (from the atom’s point of view) and learn how to “use the force” to build nano-worlds.  It doesn’t get any smaller than this!