Sports Medicine

Interested in a career in sports medicine?  Participants will have a “ball” in their look at all the career possibilities this area has to offer.  The MVParticipants who take this class will work with faculty and staff in the Huffines Institute for Sports Medicine and Human Performance to “get’cha head in the game” of what it is like to train, test, condition, and coach elite athletes.  Students will be able to “wrap” their minds around how to tape various sports injuries while learning approaches to athletic rehabilitation.  Learn modern techniques of monitoring and measuring athletic performance on state of the art equipment.  “Weight” no longer and learn the intangibles of current concepts on how to “raise the bar” on strength and conditioning programs.  Finally, “huddle up” and learn coaching techniques that will help you become a better communicator, both on the field and off.  This class is a “slam dunk” for anyone interested in a career in this “field of dreams!”